About Green Growers Technology Alliance

What Is the Green Growers Technology Alliance?

The Green Growers Technology Alliance (GGTA) is, more than anything, a network of biotech developers working to revolutionize agricultural growing and planning, especially in the area of organics. Cultivation is about raising your crops to produce the highest yield for the resources invested. Oftentimes though the harvest falls short of what you’d hoped for, particularly when you’re just starting out and don’t have the latest farming technology.

A Breakthrough in Cultivation and Farming

We’ve tackled this issue head-on and developed Growth Enhanced Organics (GEO™). This line of products will fundamentally revolutionize the way cultivation and farming is done. We don’t say that lightly—other companies claim to offer new solutions and yet merely repackage the same types of product, but GGTA isn’t a fertilizer and isn’t like anything you’ve seen before.

About Green Growers Technology AllianceProducts in the GEO™ line boost vegetative growth by 20-50% and plant root mass by 500-800%. Again though, make no mistake: these are not fertilizers. A fertilizer dumps nutrients into the soil for the plant to absorb at the root, polluting the soil and encouraging resistance in the plant in the process. By contrast, GEO™ products are biopolymer blends that facilitate the growth of a specific bacterial colony. These harmless bacteria produces auxins, the plant hormones responsible for elongating cells and regulating growth. Their presence stimulates the plant into taking full advantage of its resources and growing to its fullest potential.

These and other products we develop will change the way all cultivation and farming is done, and will become an essential part of any successful operation. Because they work with all varieties of plant, potential applications include everything from helping you tend your backyard garden, to improving yields for cultivators raising crops for the food, medicine, and cosmetics industries, to providing food security to hungry communities worldwide.

Who Invented GEO™ Products?

You may be wondering who we are and where this idea came from, though. To answer that, we need to introduce you to our managing director and one of our founding partners, David Abecassis.

Much of our work comes from original ideas and research developed by David over the course of years leading through GGTA’s founding. David holds a joint Master’s degree from Rutgers and is a Texaco Foundation Research Fellow. With 27 years of soil microbiology experience, David has conducted extensive research and experimentation in the study of organic microbial amendments and pollution reduction technology.

It was this research which lead to the creation of the GEO™ line in 2015. But David didn’t do it alone—He had a team of seasoned researchers at his side with years and often decades of experience in their respective fields. All together, GGTA likely has at least one or two hundred years of collective experience in chemistry alone between our members.

This team assembled in 2015 in order to take David’s research and refine it into an array of practically applicable products. As a means to that end, we operate professional laboratories on Long Island and in Milford, Massachusetts, where we study biomechanics, develop prototypes, and test our products. The Long Island research center also functions as GGTA’s base of operations, but it’s more than just a workplace for us. It allows us to function as a collaborative scientific network, where we can all put our minds to work in pursuit of a common goal.

Ongoing and Future Work

The GEO™ line is far from the only thing to come out of our creative process though, as we’ve been making progress on a large variety of projects.

In addition to GEO™ products, we’ve also created Immunify™, a method for killing pests such as fungi, aphids, weevils, and pathogens. Yet rather than using toxic chemicals like all other pesticides, this USDA-certified food-grade-safe product uses an enzyme which breaks down the chitin that forms the external casings for insects, insect eggs, fungi, and nematodes.

Another product we’ve developed is Colorscent™, a post-harvest treatment that improves the aroma, color, and flavor profiles of the final product. This will be useful for a variety of commercial flowers and consumable plants.

Aside from these products, we’re also working on several different biotech ventures, including ones which aim to experiment in creating polymers, composites, additives, and other materials from discarded extraneous plant material. By recycling plant waste into raw materials, we’ll be able to help local needs be met with local industry.  Other biotech ventures include working to develop edible cancer treatment products.

Our diverse efforts and offerings are well-suited to an industry which is always rapidly changing and which has countless issues that researchers across the world are approaching from many distinct directions.

Going forward, we hope to bring our products not just to the market here in the U.S. but to developing areas around the world that struggle with food security. We’re striving to keep expanding our biotech research in new directions, and we hope that together we can further revolutionize the way that humans raise and nurture plant life.

Our Focus is Threefold


Leading the development of understanding plant physiology at a fundamental scientific level.


The continued development of new intellectual property from applied and fundamental research.


Supply a limited number of niche products to boost organic cultivation practices and product value.

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