Team at Green Growers Technology Alliance

Our Dedicated Team

Dream Team of Industry Experts

David Abecassis: Career Scientist /Entrepreneur.
Managing Director/Founder.

Establishes strategies and procedures for company board to review. Directs  business-scientific research-strategy coordination. Does company IP. Creates strategic alliances with other entities outside Green Growers. Stays out of the way of others after delegating. Checks in to measure progress and preside over meetings.


Avi Cooper: Career Business and Sales Professional/Entrepreneur.
Director of Sales and Marketing/Cofounder.

Establishes contacts with clients, manages company sales efforts, coordinates operations with sales and marketing activities. Checks process daily. Communicates with distributors and strategic partners about sales efforts and coordinates outside sales efforts.


Monica Delgado PhD: Career Psychologist and Cannabis Activist.

VP of West Coast Business Development. Makes high-level connections in the grow space for GEOTM use.  Organizes private high level invitation only events, where she is a guest speaker.


Mikhail Myagkov PhD:

Dr Myakgov is a career innovator and a polymer and synthetic chemist. Mikhail heads up the advanced materials division efforts, and participates in the health products division. He is experienced in broad spectrum of applications of polymers in cosmetic and pharmaceuticals and advanced materials. Mikhail makes us lightning fast and exceptionally good at product development for and with cannabis based products.


Matt Tonkovich:  Career Professional Cannabis Grower/Entrepreneur.

Master Grower, Industrial and Field  Research Coordinator. Makes Geo work for everyone, whenever possible. Does scientifically controlled grow experiments for the science team. Managing Board Member.


Rocco Panara:

Rocco is VP of Industrial Sales. He develops large industrial accounts, and helps build strategic relationships with outside collaborators. Rocco is a Cornell certified negotiator and a former Union VP.


Gloria Wilson:

Gloria is a trained lab technician and a former employee of Cold Spring Harbor Labs. She is the company administrator for science and  operations. She is also our company research and operations technician.

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