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Results and Testimonials

Results on average show:
500-800% increase in root mass
20% bump in terpenes
Twice the amount of nodes
2-3 more branches per plant
Healthier and lusher plants

Most importantly 30% increased yield

***FREE TRIAL for qualified growers***

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More Testimonials:


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Facility A - Michigan



Here are the numbers for a 12 plant take down under 4 lights.

Geo added 317 grams more from 6 plants, average about 52.8 more grams per plant.


ROI $2500/lb= 5.58 per gram
317x5.58= $1768.86 

Almost a 24% more bud mass return on the first flower with the new product 

Facility B - Massachusetts



In January of 2019, I started a free pilot test using GEO™ Veg, a microbial nutrient amendment, produced by Green Growers Technology Inc. (GGTI). Along with the offer of the free pilot test, I was also accompanied by members of their horticulture/cultivation team. Team members were on-site for the first few applications to help follow protocol, and continued making bi-weekly check ins throughout the harvest cycle. GGTI guarantees a 10% harvest weight increase with their pilot test, I felt I had nothing to lose for trying it out. I was provided enough GEO Veg to treat 36 plants. I ran a CBD/THC mixed strain. 36 plants received the GEO Veg application top dressed and watered in once a week at roughly 9 grams for 4 weeks. I also ran a control of 36 plants of the same strain and phenotype. All plants were grown in the same room and fed our regular nutrient mix. I noticed after the first application, the plants exhibited less transplant shock, were deeper in color and showed zero deficiency. Each subsequent week the plants seemed to almost double in size. The plants were topped numerous times to keep the canopy equal with the control. Also, the experimental plants showed quicker recovery time from being topped, as well as, more outward branching. While the plants grew quickly, they did not stretch, the whole plant grew, not just the main stem and branches. As the cycle progressed through flower, there was a marked difference in color. We harvested towards the end of April and calculated wet plant weight. I was shocked to find some comparisons in our groupings to be as much as 100% more than the weight of the control. Some where higher, some were lower. All in all, we ended up with a 33.5% harvest weight increase in total. We've decided to incorporate GEO Veg into our cultivation SOP. Using it provides many benefits not only in veg, but throughout the overall harvest cycle.

Facility C - California



Here's a table Jordan from at a grow facility in California. These numbers were sent us from first test, a total of 200 plants (100 Control & 100 with GEO™). They tested a second round too.  They had a strain that didn't do well due to operator and removed from the test. These were the numbers.

Facility D - Arizona



I have been in indoor agriculture for 5+ years with fairly consistent results. I use The House and Garden line of nutrients for Coco.


Historically, my range of harvest has been between 2.2 and 2.7 pounds of dried flower per 1000 watts. With an average of 2.4 lbs/1000 watts.


After applying GEO VEG to only 1/3 of my crop as a test, I saw a huge increase in flower/fruit weight. This test harvest came in at 3.3 lbs/1000 watts. That's a 22% increase over my all time best, and a 37% increase over my average.


This huge increase was a total increase, with only treating 1/3 of the plants. Next rotation I will be applying GEO VEG to the entire crop and I am expecting an increase in yield of around 60%.

Photos from Customers & Previous Trials

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Learn the best practices for applying GEO™ Veg to your plants. Watch the videos below to see the optimal application process and click on the button below to download our standard SOP. If you have specific questions, reach out to the representative that is working with you or you can send an email through our contact page.

GEO™ Videos & Resources 

Instructional video - applying geo™

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