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GEO™-BLOOM Optimizes Nutrient Usage

Few types of plants are more satisfying to raise than ones that flower, and few things make career cultivators and hobbyists alike happier than big, full, lush flowers. To that end, the Green Growers Technology Alliance (GGTA) is proud to introduce GEO™-BLOOM, one of the innovative products in our flagship GEO™ line of biotech products. This patent-pending soil amendment will maximize the bloom potential of any flowering plant, leading to the final result of a fuller, heavier, denser crop.

In order to get the maximum bloom, flowering plants need phosphorus and potassium. GEO™-BLOOM provides the plant with these elements, but the innovation is in the method of delivery.

Like all of the products in our GEO™ line, GEO™-BLOOM is a biopolymer blend that contains a microorganism. These beneficial bacteria feed on the biopolymer and establish a colony on the plant. So, much like the probiotics in your yogurt encourage the growth of helpful microorganisms in your digestive system, this product encourages the growth of bacteria that assist the plant. They do so by producing hormones that help regulate the nutritional uptake and growth processes in the plant’s system.

What’s unique about this entry in the GEO™ line is that it contains encapsulated phosphorus and potassium and exposes the plant to these elements in a timed release. Most fertilizers on the market function by dumping excess nutrients into the soil all at once and potentially polluting the environment while not effectively helping the plant. GEO™-BLOOM’s timed release gives your plant those elements in the optimized ratios at precisely those times when they’re needed.

This method of nurturing the plant allows for the nutrients to be used extremely efficiently, and encourages aggressive flower development. That leads to bigger, lusher, more vigorous growth of flowers and fruit. Because of this focus on flowering, GEO™-BLOOM is perfect for those raising any crop that blooms.


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