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GEO-HYDRO Delivers Maximum Growth Potential and Shorter Growth Times

No matter how far our research takes us, the Green Growers Technology Alliance never stops researching further into new products that can help you get the most out of every harvest. That’s why we’re proud to introduce the newest product in the GEO line: GEO-HYDRO, a hydroponics product that generates unprecedented root and plant growth.

Much like GEO-VEG, GEO-HYDRO vastly increases the growth potential of both the root and the plant. However, there are key differences between the two, and GEO-HYDRO’s distinct delivery method produces unique results. Here’s how it works.

GEO-HYDRO is a pre-fermented version of the GEO blend. It comes in a pure liquid form and doesn’t need to go through an aerobic biodegradation process prior to use. Simply add it to your nutrient water and run it through your hydroponics system.

The blend is an organic auxin broth containing a newly-discovered species of living bacteria, which we’ve named streptobacillus-GEO. As with other GEO products, these bacteria form colonies within the blend once on the plant. Unlike other microbial products, they don’t biodegrade things in the soil or compete with other microbial processes.

The harmless bacteria produce auxins, an essential compound for plant growth. These particular bacteria have a dual auxin effect, producing auxins which generate vigorous matching growth in both the roots and the biomass of the plant.

GEO-HYDRO delivers uniquely positive results even compared to other GEO products, due to the method of delivering it via hydroponics. The circulation of a hydro system covers the whole plant in the nutrient broth. When you add nutrients to soil, substances like clay and peat can bind with some of them and they don’t all make it to the plant roots. Hydroponics eliminates this problem, thus maximizing the plant’s contact with the auxins, helping it achieve maximum growth.

Not only that, but since root growth is targeted as well as biomass growth, the plant’s nutrient uptake is also improved. This means it will make the most of any other nutrients you add to your nutrient water as well, further contributing to shortened growth times and increased growth potential.

GEO-HYDRO Is Sustainable and Reduces Nutrient Waste

The USDA has certified GEO-HYDRO as a farming-compatible practice. That means it’s sustainable and even helps the land. Often, hydroponics setups utilize semi-open greenhouses and drip-to-waste systems. These can create excessive nutrient waste. However, GEO-HYDRO is a certified-organic microbial product that doesn’t biodegrade anything besides the GEO itself, so it doesn’t contribute to this problem.

On the contrary, since GEO-HYDRO drastically increases root growth potential, your plants’ nutrient uptake is improved. This means nutrients are more efficiently leached from your nutrient water, and the water is more thoroughly cleaned by the time it exits the hydroponics system.

As a result, GEO-HYDRO is not only a safe, USDA-certified organic product that doesn’t contribute to nutrient waste, but also an efficient method for reducing the nutrient waste you already may have. Combine this with the shortened growth times, and GEO-HYDRO significantly reduces your growing operation’s environmental footprint.

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