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GEO™-PURTEC Meets Massachusetts Standards for Heavy Metal Uptake

We’re proud to present GEO™-PURTEC, a vegetative growth product specially designed for the organics market in Massachusetts. Why Massachusetts? Let us explain.

One of the areas where we’re most excited about the potential impact we can have is organic cultivation and farming. However, to qualify as organic, an operation has to meet a particular set of requirements set by regulatory bodies at both the federal and state levels. These requirements involve restrictions on the practices which are allowed to be used in raising crops.

Most often, they prohibit the use of many different chemical products, including fertilizers, pesticides, and more. Navigating these rules and finding organic products which fulfill those functions but still qualify as acceptable under organic farming guidelines is a complex challenge that organic cultivators and farmers have to face, and this can result in organics being left out when new technologies and products are developed.

In Massachusetts, there’s a particular set of rules for organic farming not found elsewhere, which prevents the use of many soil amendments that would otherwise help cultivators boost plant growth. Unfortunately, this also rules out several of our own products, so we decided to develop one specifically formulated to meet Massachusetts standards, so that cultivators in the Bay State can have equal access to the many benefits of the GEO™ biotech line.


Like all products in the GEO™ line, GEO™-PURTEC is a biopolymer blend that contains beneficial microorganisms. Similar to how probiotics in your yogurt encourage the growth of helpful bacteria in your digestive system, GEO™-PURTEC encourages the establishment of a harmless bacterial colony that helps plants produce the natural hormones that regulate growth.

What’s unique about the patent-pending GEO™-PURTEC though is the way it addresses a Massachusetts regulation regarding heavy metal uptake in plants being grown for the organics market.

All plants require nitrogen and magnesium in the form of nitrate ions and magnesium ions in order to grow well. Nitrogen is essential to the construction of vital molecules such as amino acids which are used to make proteins, so an absence of nitrate ions results in stunted growth and a sickly yellowish color. Magnesium ions are integral to the creation of chlorophyll, the molecule that absorbs light and helps plants obtain energy through photosynthesis. Plants deficient in magnesium will develop a condition known as chlorosis, where they turn yellow, shrivel, and die.

The problem is that all of the fertilizers on the market which provide these nutrients, even ones labelled organic, also include heavy metals. This poses a problem for organic growers in Massachusetts, who have to adhere to strict guidelines regarding heavy metal uptake.

GEO™-PURTEC is the only organic amendment that meets the Massachusetts requirement for heavy metals and prevents heavy metal uptake in plants.

The result is plants that don’t contain those levels of heavy metals. That’s particularly useful for plants with medicinal use and with plants which suck up an especially high amount of metals from the soil.

So as you can see, GEO™-PURTEC is a perfect solution for Massachusetts cultivators and farmers who want to grow these types of plants and nurture them with vegetative growth supplements, but still qualify for the organic label.


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