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GEO™VEG Drastically Improves Overall Growth and Hardiness

No matter what crop you’re growing, your primary goal is to get a big, healthy, productive plant. Whether you’re raising food crops, herbal supplies, or whatever else it might be, you want hardiness and growth to protect and maximize the returns on the investment you’ve made in that crop. In pursuit of this goal, you may consider using fertilizers, but we’re here to introduce you to a better solution: GEO™VEG.


GEO™VEG is a vegetative boosting product that is used in conjunction with your nutrient line, to maximize nutrient uptake and efficiency.


This member of the GEO™ line is targeted toward growth and health, creating a bigger, hardier, more lush plant with greater vegetative growth potential. Using it on your plants leads to an estimated 35-50% boost in overall production and an approximate 22% increase in mass.

This patent-pending product is available in both solid and liquid forms, so it can be used in soil or aggregate media like coconut, as well as in hydroponics, aeroponics, and deep water cultures.


So, how does GEO™VEG accomplish everything that it does?

To understand that, you need to first understand what GEO™VEG is: a high-carbon biopolymer that contains a specialized bacterial colony. While other companies have introduced products such as live soils that rely on an isolated microbe or group in the form of an inocular, this USDA-certified food-grade biopolymer already contains the bacteria within itself. This distinction is important because it means the product is media-driven. The bacteria will grow only on the biopolymer and eat only this, rather than spreading into nature.

From there, the bacteria establish preemptive colonization, where it keeps other things from growing in its place. It then begins to exude natural hormones called auxins which signal to the plant to grow and help it take full advantage of its environment.


This process may sound strange, but it’s no different from how the probiotics in your yogurt stimulate the growth of beneficial microorganisms in your intestinal systems.


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