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Advanced Materials

A Greener Way to Supply Local Manufacturers

Here at the Green Growers Technology Alliance (GGTA), we’re dedicated to using our expertise in biotech research to revolutionize farming and cultivation practices. Our GEO™ line of soil amendments and our other products are a large part of these efforts, but we direct our efforts into other projects as well to address other aspects of agriculture.

GGTA Advanced Materials is one of those projects, aiming to develop ways to convert excess plant material that’s typically thrown away into raw materials for other products.

GGTA Advanced Materials
Put Plant Waste to Work

Often, when you raise and harvest a crop you’re just looking to secure that one part of the plant that makes you money. Whether it’s the flower, the fruit, the leaf, or the root, that part of the plant that gets turned into products high in demand are your moneymaker, and the rest is almost just packaging. Those excess materials typically have no practical use, and it’s not worth your time to look for one, so you arrange to simply dispose of it.

GGTA Advanced Materials is a research venture looking for ways to make use of those plant materials that cultivators and farmers normally regard as throwaway parts. Using our expertise in biotech, we perform experiments in search of ways to take those discarded stems, roots, leaves, etc., and turn them into high-quality polymers, absorbents, thermoplastics, and more.

Complete Recycling

Not only that, but our processes and the raw materials we produce from that plant waste are all either carbon neutral or carbon negative, achieving complete recycling without the use of petroleum.

One way that we hope GGTA Advanced Materials’ work will have an especially meaningful impact is in the opportunities it will create for addressing local needs with local industry. Much in the same way that waste material from local manufacturing facilities in the form of scrap metal can be recycled to meet the needs of producers in that area, so too can waste material from local farming and cultivation operations. This way of helping to fulfill local needs can be useful anywhere, but particularly in poor and developing areas.

GGTA Advanced Materials put plant waste to work in creating a sustainable green future.

Supporting Ecosystems

These raw materials will become the building blocks for producers to use in a wide variety of final products.

In this way, GGTA Advanced Materials will be working to have a positive impact on both the agricultural and manufacturing industries by reducing excess waste and improving our efficient use of resources. This green initiative provides an opportunity for producers to use recycled plant-based materials rather than creating new artificial materials, and at the same time allows for the maximum value to be derived from every plant grown.

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