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Our history

GGTA History: How We Put DOwn Our Roots

Since its founding, the Green Growers Technology Alliance has worked diligently to research biotech products that will revolutionize the organic agriculture industry and get those products into the hands of cultivators that will make the most of them. However, this collaborative network didn’t always exist in its current state. Before we were formulating biopolymers in our labs, we were just a group of experts in our respective fields with ambitious ideas and a drive to be part of something larger than ourselves.

To gain greater insight into GGTA’s accomplishments so far and the work we continue to do, learn more about our backgrounds and the history of how we came together to work towards our common goals.

Forming An Alliance

Before there was GGTA, its founding members were already at work putting together the building blocks that would become its foundation.

GGTA’s Managing Director, David Abecassis, had spent the past 27 years studying soil microbiology, researching and developing biopolymers and other soil amendments that function through naturally-occurring biological mechanisms. At the same time, David was also working as an industrial and applied polymer consultant, assisting clients both with research and development and with navigating intellectual property law. It was in this line of work that David became acquainted with Avi Cooper, our other founding member and current Vice President of Sales


A 25-year veteran in the sales industry, Avi was working for a client that David advised on some intellectual property issues at the time. As the two worked together, they over time began to see the potential for an alliance.

David, who was nearing the point of being able to turn his ideas into marketable products, needed to start building the organizational and financial structure for bringing that project to fruition. Avi on the other hand dreamt of being able to help feed less fortunate children throughout the world, and partnering with David presented an opportunity to put his sales expertise to use making that dream a reality.

Together, they founded the Green Growers Technology Alliance in September of 2015.

GGTA Looks to the Future

After founding GGTA, we began a full year of in-depth market analysis and research with some of the top country’s top cultivators, and brought on Matt Tonkovich, our Chief Growing Consultant. Matt is a master grower with over a decade of experience occupying various roles in the cultivation industry, and helped develop GEO-VEG™, GEO-BLOOM™, and Immunify.

We finalized our formulas in the third quarter of 2016, and began preparing for production and distribution so that our groundbreaking products will be available to farmers and cultivators ready to pioneer a new agricultural paradigm.


Simultaneously, we began developing our other projects as well. We partnered with ProVerde Labs to continue researching biotech solutions, started collaborating with world-famous chef John Doherty to develop edible cancer treatments, and began work on our GGTA Advanced initiative to create organic manufacturing materials from discarded plant matter.

With all these projects gradually coming together, GGTA is set to continue expanding and finding new directions to take our research. As we move forward, we expect to have a positive impact on agriculture, food security, and environmental sustainability. We’re working toward a greener tomorrow, and we hope to see you there.

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