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Science is always a collaborative effort. No matter what you’re studying, you need a solid team of researchers to refine each other’s ideas, benefactors who fund the research, and sometimes subjects depending on the subject of study. Even experiments carried out by one researcher in isolation need to have their results reviewed and replicated by other researchers after publication in a scientific journal to verify their credibility.

That’s why, though the Green Growers Technology Alliance embodies a certain spirit of independence in how we insist on taking biotech research in innovative new directions, we still see ourselves as a collective network of scientific professionals working together toward a common goal. It’s also why we’re happy to come together with others to combine efforts when the fit is right.

There are a few different projects that GGTA is currently working on in collaboration. Here’s a breakdown of those efforts and the trusted partners we’ve teamed with on those projects.

Research Facilities

To conduct quality research, you need quality facilities. To address this need, GGTA has research facilities, on Long Island in New York.

Titan Bioplastics

Much of the Green Grower Technology Alliance’s work focuses on research on biotech products for use in the fields of agriculture and cultivation, but those aren’t the only areas where we direct our efforts.

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