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Cancer Treatment Meals that Restore Appetite and Reduce Pain

Much of the Green Grower Technology Alliance’s work focuses on research on biotech products for use in the fields of agriculture and cultivation, but those aren’t the only areas where we direct our efforts. We’re determined to pursue a diverse range of projects that can address a wide variety of needs, and one of the initiatives we’re proudest of is our push to develop the GGTA Biotech range of medicinal additives and cancer treatment products.

We’re particularly excited about our line of edible cannabinoid products tailored for cancer patients, coming out of our partnership with ProVerde Labs and renowned five-star chef John Doherty.

GGTA Biotech, John Doherty, and ProVerde Labs

We at GGTA have seen how cancer treatment and pain management is evolving to include new treatment methods, and decided to join in the efforts to provide effective treatment options developed with the aid of our biotech research.

This research has chiefly focused on finding new applications for legal cannabinoids. Products we’ve worked on in this regard include things like analgesic topical creams for relieving pain. They also include products that address the problem of appetite loss among cancer patients.

People undergoing chemotherapy often start to experience a metallic taste in their mouths, or a loss of taste overall. Food doesn’t taste the way it used to, and this leads to loss of appetite—a serious problem for someone whose body is battling a deadly disease and needs all the nutrition it can get. Some of the potential solutions we’ve worked on for this issue include nutritional additives and suppositories, but no project has been more ambitious than the edible treatments we’re working to develop with John Doherty.

Doherty was the Executive Chef at the landmark Waldorf-Astoria in New York City for nearly 24 years, and was with the world-renowned hotel for 30 years altogether. While there, he cooked for more presidents, heads-of-state, and royalty than any other American chef, wrote the The Waldorf-Astoria Cookbook featuring over 120 recipes, and lead the hotel to becoming a dining hotspot in New York.

Since leaving the Waldorf-Astoria Doherty has been involved in numerous enterprises, from opening his own restaurants in Huntington and NYC, to developing products for Chicken Soup for the Soul Foods, to starting the Heavenly Harvest Foundation to help feed hungry Americans. His passion, expertise, and entrepreneurial spirit make him the perfect partner for this project.

Together, we’re working to develop a line of multi-course meals based on food products derived from legal cannabinoids. Because cancer patients often lose certain kinds of taste, Doherty has been working with us to develop meals optimized for the types of tastes and smells that these patients can still sense and enjoy.

The formulations for the medicinal components of these meals have been developed at ProVerde Laboratories in Milford, Massachusetts. The site of much of our own biotech research, ProVerde Labs provides invaluable expert guidance as well as facilities and equipment for scientific research. There, volunteer patients participate in product testing, and we work to organize, package, and license data, as well as provide scientific support and consultation.

The team of GGTA, John Doherty, and ProVerde are excited to be able to deliver these new treatments to address the needs of those battling cancer, and hope we can make in impact in making that battle easier.

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