Biotech Solutions for Your Every Cultivation Need

As a biotech company, the Green Growers Technology Alliance takes pride first and foremost in the innovative scientific solutions we develop to address the many challenges of cultivation and agriculture. These products are the end result of years of continued research, and we couldn’t be more proud of the success we’ve seen with them.

Take a look below for a brief overview of each of our current products.

Growth-Enhanced Organics (GEO™) Products

GEO™-VEG - 3 Plant Treatment

GEO™- VEG is a vegetative boosting product that increases plant mass by 22%..

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GEO™-BLOOM - 3 Plant Treatment

GEO™- BLOOM is a bloom product that increases plant quality and vegetation.

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GEO™-PURTEC- 3 Plant Treatment

GEO™- PURTEC is a vegetative boosting product that is free of trace metals and is being developed for the Massachusetts marketplace.

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GEO™-VEG is a patent-pending vegetative boosting product part of the GEO™ line. It targets overall growth, producing a plant that’s bigger, hardier, and lusher—in fact, we estimate a 35-50% increase in overall production and an approximate 22% boost to mass.

It comes either in solid form for use in soil or aggregate media like coconut, or in liquid form for use in hydroponics, aeroponics, and deep water cultures.

So, how does GEO™-VEG work?

Like the other products in the GEO™ line, GEO™-VEG is a high-carbon biopolymer blend containing a highly specialized colony of beneficial bacteria. These helpful bacteria establish itself on the plant and then exude natural hormones called auxins. These are the hormones responsible for elongating cells and regulating plant growth, and so the bacteria help the plant make better use of its resources and maximize its growth. This is similar to how probiotics in your yogurt encourage colonies of good bacteria in your gut and thus improve your digestive health.

So if overall growth is your goal, GEO™-VEG is your best bet.


GEO™-BLOOM is a patent-pending soil amendment similar to GEO™-VEG, except that rather than overall growth, it’s targeted for maximum bloom potential. That means that flowering plants will get more vigorous blooms with bigger, heavier, denser final products.

Typically, cultivators encourage the bloom by dumping fertilizers into the soil which contain phosphorus and potassium, the nutrients a plant needs for flower growth. However, this method is inefficient and potentially pollutes the soil with excess nutrients that can cause environmental damage in the form of algal blooms.

GEO™-BLOOM instead contains encapsulated phosphorus and potassium that are gradually delivered to the plant in a timed release. This means your plant gets the right nutrients at just the right intervals for it to use them most effectively.

As a result, your plants will bloom bigger and fuller without the risk of excess nutrients seeping into the soil.


GEO™-PURTEC is a patent-pending vegetative growth product like GEO™-VEG, except that it’s specially designed to comply with Massachusetts law regarding heavy metal uptake for organic farming, allowing Massachusetts cultivators and farmers to achieve the results our products provide while still maintaining their desired labelling in that state.

In order to grow well, all plants require nitrogen and magnesium in the form of nitrate ions and magnesium ions. Nitrogen ions are necessary to create amino acids and thus proteins, and magnesium ions are needed to make chlorophyll. Plants deficient in these elements turn yellowish and sickly.

Unfortunately, all fertilizers on the market that provide these substances also include heavy metals, even ones labelled organic. This is challenge for Massachusetts organic cultivators, who have to comply with strict regulation on heavy metal uptake in their plants.

GEO™-PURTEC is the only organic amendment on the market that meets the Massachusetts heavy metal standards and prevents uptake in crops where it’s used.

The result of using this product then is that your plants don’t contain those levels of trace heavy metals. This can be especially desirable for plants that go on to become medicinal products or food products, or plants that absorb nutrients from the soil at higher rates.

So, GEO™-PURTEC is ideal for Massachusetts cultivators who want to boost plant growth but still qualify for organic labeling in the Bay State.


Immunify™ is GGTA’s safe and effective patented pest-control product.

Pests including insects and fungi pose a threat to the hard work that you’ve put into raising your crop, but pesticides can be a poor solution to this problem. They largely rely on toxic chemicals to kill those unwanted organisms, and so can be potentially harmful to both you and the environment in the long-term.

Immunify™ avoids that with a different approach to pest control. Instead of poisoning the pests to death, Immunify™ contains an enzyme that breaks down chitin. That’s the hard material that forms the structure for insects’ exoskeletons and eggs, fungi, and nematodes.

As a result, Immunify™ is a target-selective product and totally harmless to us since we have no chitin. It’s USDA certified farmer approved, and perfect for any cultivator looking to fight the threat of pests without the use of pesticides that may be unhealthy or disqualify them from certain desired labelling.


Colorscent™ is a post-harvest treatment for your crop that improves the aroma, color, and flavor profiles of the plant.

This is a patent-pending biotech system that uses naturally-occurring plant enzymes called turpines, and so delivers results without affecting the other properties of the plant if it’s for medicinal or herbal purposes. It works for a wide variety of commercial consumable flowers and plants, and, like our other products, is completely organic.