Brighter Colors, Tastes, and Scents with ColorScent

No matter what crop you grow, your work doesn’t end once the plant reaches maturity. You have to harvest it, prepare it for shipment, package it, etc. One step you may not have given much consideration though is post-harvest treatments—and no certified organic treatment is more effective at increasing the value of your product than ColorScent, the new biotech treatment from the Green Growers Technology Alliance.

With ColorScent, your plants will attain more vivid and complex aromas, colors, and flavors, all without the use of artificial flavorings or dyes. Learn more about this exciting new way to boost the appeal of your crop.

ColorScent Is a Natural Way to a Better Product

How does ColorScent work without the use of dyes or flavorings? Like all our products, it takes an innovative patent-pending approach that makes use of natural biological mechanisms in plants.

ColorScent is a patent-pending natural plant pigmentation system that contains turpines. Turpines are naturally occurring enzymes that are produced by plants. As such, ColorScent is totally safe for consumption—it’s certified organic and even kosher.

When a plant is harvested, it doesn’t immediately die. Its cells are still alive, the plant keeps on carrying out biological processes, and biochemical reactions continue occurring. Part of this means that the plant will still take nutrients up into itself. Because ColorScent is formulated the way it is, it gets processed as food, and thus is spread throughout the plant’s vascular system.

Spreading into and reacting with the entirety of the plant, ColorScent is then able to build a more complex color and aroma profile, almost in a similar way to wine. This provides you the benefit of richer, fuller colors, scents, and flavors, which then means a more desirable product and better returns.

A Greener Way to Color

The strength of ColorScent lies not only in how much it improves the aroma and flavor profile of your product, but also in how environmentally friendly it is in comparison to traditional methods.

Typically, your post-harvest options for trying to enhance color and flavor boil down to flavorings and dyes. With dyes in particular, that potentially means health concerns we may or may not know about. Originally, we used natural dyes, but many of these turned out to contain toxic substances like copper and mercury.

These days, we mostly use artificial dyes based on coal tar, and the pool of available ones dwindles decade by decade as new research raises health concerns for more and more of them. Of the original 80 artificial dyes approved by the FDA, only 7 remain legal, the rest having been linked to various conditions including behavioral disorders and cancer.

ColorScent, however, allows you to sidestep the issue of artificial dyes and flavorings. This is especially useful to cultivators seeking to boost the appeal of their crops while maintaining their status as organic farmers.

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