Guard Your Plants Against Pests the Natural Way

Every farmer and cultivator knows how serious the threat of pests is, but harmful pesticides can pose just as great of problems. That’s why we’re proud to introduce an innovative new solution: Immunify™, a patented pest control product from the Green Growers Technology Alliance.

The Problem With Pests and Pesticides

You’ve done everything right, your crops are growing great, and then one day, without warning, a pest sweeps through and starts destroying your plants. Maybe your crops have been eaten by aphids, or maybe they’re covered in insect eggs, or maybe they’ve been infected with a fungus or a parasite. Whatever the case may be, these plants are now ruined and can’t be brought to market, cutting deep into your profits. Sometimes, a particularly nasty pest can even wipe out entire harvests.

So, what do you do about it? As a cultivator or farmer, your main goal is to protect your plants and keep them as healthy well-nourished as possible to maximize your yield in the end. Pests are a direct threat to your success in that regard, and so you need to do something to fight them, but do you use pesticides? These can make your crops less safe and healthy for consumption, disqualify you from certain labelling such as organic, and inadvertently kill other wildlife and get into the ecosystem, negatively impacting the environment.

Without pesticides though, your plants are left totally vulnerable to damage from pests. How does Immunify™ solve this problem?

Immunify™ Kills Pests Without Toxic Chemicals

Pesticides on the market largely all work the same way. A toxic chemical is diluted to the point where it kills organisms like insects, but doesn’t pose a major threat to larger organisms like humans. Essentially you are treating your plants with poison and hoping that the dosage is low enough that it can’t affect you.

However, these pesticides can still do unwanted damage. Pesticides that are sprayed onto crops or used to treat seeds may not be immediately harmful, but long-term exposure can sometimes have effects that are only observed and understood years or decades down the line. Moreover, toxic pesticides that get stored in the systems of your plants and the insects that land on them can then end up being consumed by other animals such as birds, unintentionally killing other wildlife.

Immunify™ avoids these issues by taking an entirely different approach to pest control. Rather than simply poisoning the pests to death, Immunify™ uses an enzyme that breaks down chitin, the hard substance which forms the structure for insects’ exoskeletons and eggs as well as nematodes and many fungi.

This means that Immunify™ is target-selective and only kills organisms with chitin, unlike pesticides which harm anything that gets enough exposure. Mammals like us produce no chitin and the enzyme is completely harmless to us, and the product is applied as a liquid-based foliage treatment rather than a seed treatment so it isn’t systemic—that is, it doesn’t spread throughout the entire plant. As a result,  Immunify™ affects neither you nor your plants. That’s why it’s USDA certified farmer compatible.

So, if you’re ready to fight back against pests without the use of potentially harmful chemical pesticides, Immunify™ is the solution for you.

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