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Research Labs

Supporting Scientific INquiry with
Proverde Labs

The underlying ideas for the Green Growers Technology Alliance came about through years of painstaking research, and the results we got and the products we’ve developed have been worth it. We don’t want to stop there though. Science is always an ongoing process, and new discoveries that overturn old ideas are always just around the corner. We believe in inquiry and progress, not stagnation, so we’re not resting on our laurels. That’s why, to facilitate further investigation into biotech and the solutions it can offer, we continue to operate GGTA Research Labs.

Here’s a bit about our research lab, and the work being done there.

GGTA in Long Island


GGTA In Long Island

The GGTA facility in Long Island is the Green Growers Technology Alliance’s headquarters, but is also a fully-functioning biotech research lab that still houses much of our ongoing scientific work.

Here, we work on researching and formulating many of our different products, both existing ones and ones which we plan to offer in the future. It’s where we finally produced the first of our biopolymers in the GEO™ line, as well as where we first started developing our advanced materials from discarded plant waste. It’s also a site where we conduct prototyping for all our products.

It functions as a network of scientific professionals, who work with varying degrees of independence but always with the same common goal in mind: revolutionizing the agricultural and horticultural industries.

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