Whether you represent a big-time agricultural conglomerate, run a local organic farm, or just tend a private garden, we know your type. You take satisfaction in watching something grow. You patiently plant, water, fertilize, prune, and closely monitor your crops. Day by day your efforts build up to a real, tangible payoff—a big healthy plant, ripe for harvest.

We here at the Green Growers Technology Alliance also know that you’re constantly looking for ways to improve. Better machines to plow a field, better ways to set up a greenhouse, better materials to use in compost, whatever it may be. All those factors may help you get better returns from year to year, but are you ready for a real innovation that will kick-start your organic cultivation efforts like nothing you’ve seen?




GEO™VEG Drastically Improves Overall Growth and Hardiness

No matter what crop you’re growing, your primary goal is to get a big, healthy, productive plant. Whether you’re raising food crops, herbal supplies, or whatever else it might be, you want hardiness and growth to protect and maximize the returns on the investment you’ve made in that crop.

In pursuit of this goal, you may consider using fertilizers, but we’re here to introduce you to a better solution: GEO™-VEG.

GEO™BLOOM Optimizes Nutrient Usage

Few types of plants are more satisfying to raise than ones that flower, and few things make career cultivators and hobbyists alike happier than big, full, lush flowers. To that end, the Green Growers Technology Alliance (GGTA) is proud to introduce GEO™-BLOOM, one of the innovative products in our flagship GEO™ line of biotech products. This patent-pending soil amendment will maximize the bloom potential of any flowering plant, leading to the final result of a fuller, heavier, denser crop.

So, how does it work?


Like all products in the GEO™ line, GEO™-PURTEC is a biopolymer blend that contains beneficial microorganisms. Similar to how probiotics in your yogurt encourage the growth of helpful bacteria in your digestive system, GEO™-PURTEC encourages the establishment of a harmless bacterial colony that helps plants produce the natural hormones that regulate growth.


No matter how far our research takes us, the Green Growers Technology Alliance never stops researching further into new products that can help you get the most out of every harvest. That’s why we’re proud to introduce the newest product in the GEO™ line: GEO™-HYDRO, a hydroponics product that generates unprecedented root and plant growth.


Agriculture marks the start of human civilization, when we first put down our own roots. Since then, farming has evolved in a series of upheavals that open up worlds of possibility—the invention of steel, the discovery of heredity and breeding, the industrial revolution. Innovations that totally revolutionize the way things are done.


GGTA has developed one of those revolutionary breakthroughs. Our biotech solutions target a variety of the challenges faced by growers of all varieties of crops, all in green ways that bypass the toxic chemicals used in much of modern farming.

The products in the Growth-Enhanced Organics (GEO™) line of biopolymer blends create colonies of good bacteria that produce auxins, facilitating overall plant growth and hardiness, flower growth, and prevention of heavy metal uptake. Immunify™ uses an enzyme to break down the chitin in the shells of harmful insects and fungi. Our next product, Colorscent, will be a post-harvest treatment for improving aroma, color, and flavor.

Our products deliver unprecedented returns, and do so without putting harmful chemicals on your plants or in the soil. We’re excited for what this means for organic cultivation, but we’re not stopping here. GGTA’s biotech research continues—follow our progress and see what our next project can do for you!

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